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Vaping Gets a Little Safer: Canada Adopts Child-Resistant Container (CRC) Rules for E-Liquid

By Mikey Bars December 07, 2020 0 comments

In late 2019, Canada adopted comprehensive rules regarding the way in which e-liquid containing nicotine must be packaged and labeled. The packaging rules were implemented with two primary goals: to remind all potential e-liquid buyers that nicotine is an addictive substance and to minimize any possibility of children opening e-liquid bottles and ingesting their contents.

In this article, we’re going to explore the second part of the above paragraph by discussing Canada’s rules regarding child-resistant containers (CRCs) for e-liquid. Although the CRC rule might not change your vaping experience a great deal – virtually every e-liquid bottle in the world was already child resistant before the rules came into effect – the implementation of the rule only serves to provide further evidence that the vaping industry is maturing rapidly.

What Are Canada’s Rules for Child-Resistant E-Liquid Bottles?

The Government of Canada’s Justice Laws website describes our country’s labeling and packaging rules for e-liquid. To comply with Canada’s standards for child-resistant containers, the package must meet one of these two requirements.
To open the package, it should be necessary to remove a necessary component of it using a tool not supplied with the package. You’re not likely to see an e-liquid bottle designed to comply with this requirement; most bottles instead comply with the second item on this list.

The package must meet a recognized standard for child-resistant packaging, such as the standards described by the Canadian Standards Association, the International Organization for Standardization or the United States Code of Federal Regulations.

In practice, the most common way of achieving child resistance with an e-liquid bottle is with a cap that requires the user to push down before twisting. That’s the type of cap that virtually every e-liquid bottle in the world uses.

How to Keep Children Away From Your Vape Gear

Child-resistant packaging goes a long way toward ensuring that won’t accidentally ingest substances that could be harmful. As you might remember from your own childhood, though, “child resistant” isn’t the same thing as childproof. Child-resistant packaging isn’t there to keep a child out of a bottle of e-liquid indefinitely; it’s just there to buy you some time if you happen to inadvertently leave a bottle out in the open. The rest is up to you, and it’s important to take every possible precaution to ensure that your children don’t have access to your vape gear.
Here are a few suggestions that you may find helpful.

How to Keep Your E-Liquid Away From Children

If you want to keep your children away from your e-liquid, it probably goes without saying that you shouldn’t leave e-liquid bottles on counters and tables. Store your e-liquid in a high cupboard that your children can’t reach. When you take a bottle out of the cupboard to refill your tank, put it back when you’re done.
It’s also a good idea to minimize the amount of e-liquid that you have in the house. Some people buy new e-liquid flavours so often that they have difficulty remembering how many bottles they have or where they’re storing them. If you’ve reached that point, it might be a good idea to get rid of the e-liquids that you know you’re never going to use. That way, you can be absolutely certain that all the e-liquid you have is in one place.

How to Keep Your Vaping Hardware Away From Children

Unlike your e-liquid, your vaping device isn’t something that you can store in a high cupboard all day. You want to actually use it, and anything that’s out in the open is potentially within a child’s reach. Keeping your vaping hardware away from your children, then, requires a two-part strategy. You want to prevent your children from attempting to use your vaping device, and you also want to ensure that it’s impossible – or at least as difficult as possible – to open the device’s tank and ingest its contents.

Remember that, especially with very young children, the biggest concern isn’t that a child will take your device and try to vape – it’s that a child will try to open the tank and drink the e-liquid because it smells good. Nicotine poisoning is a major concern.

The easiest way to prevent a child from touching your vaping device is to ensure that it is with you at all times. Do you need to get up for a few minutes? Don’t leave your vaping device on a table – take it with you. If you’re carrying your vaping device, you know that it’s safe.

You may occasionally forget to bring your device with you when you stand up, though, so the next thing that you should always do is lock your device when you’re not using it. With most vaping devices, you can lock or unlock the device by pressing the fire button five times quickly. When a vaping device is locked, it doesn’t do anything when you press the button. Since a child presumably won’t know how to unlock the device, that’s a pretty foolproof method of rendering it inoperable if you happen to leave your device out in the open.

The next thing that you should do is eliminate the possibility of a child opening your tank and ingesting the e-liquid, and the best way to do that is by buying a child-resistant tank. Almost all vape tanks sold in Europe and the United Kingdom are already child resistant due to the laws in those areas, and child-resistant vape tanks are beginning to make their way to the rest of the world as well. So, while not every tank on the market is child resistant, it’s not hard to find one if you look.
A child-resistant tank usually has an extra step that you need to perform in order to open the tank.

For example, you might need to remove the tank’s mouthpiece or pull the tank’s top hardware up before it will slide open and reveal the filling port. Child-resistant features like those can buy you a few extra seconds if you happen to leave your device out in the open.

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