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All About the SMOK TFV9 Tank

By Mikey Bars April 29, 2022 0 comments

SMOK is popular with vapers all over the country, and with introductions like the SMOK TFV9 tank, it’s easy to see why. SMOK has consistently released improvements on mods and in vaping technology, giving cloud chasers more and more to love with each release. 

The TFV9 tank is one of these improvements, and it boasts a lot of features that many vapers love. Perhaps you will, too - check out our overview to find out. 


Easy Top-Refilling
The SMOK TFV9 features a slide-off-to-fill top design with a leak-proof slot that can significantly diminish the risk of spills and leaks - so you don’t need to worry about a sticky mess in your pocket or pack anymore. 

But the TFV9 also offers simplified refilling. Just lift off the top cap and add e-liquid through the slot on the side, being careful not to let any vape juice drip down the central airflow tube. Then, all you need to do is replace the cap and let it sit upright and undisturbed for a few minutes to saturate the cotton at the bottom. Then you can replace the tank and vape away! 


Large Capacity
Streamlined refilling is not the only thing offered by the SMOK TFV9 that vapers love - many other tanks are pretty easy to refill as well. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

The TFV9 also features a pretty big capacity, at 6.5ml. It takes a 28mm Bulb Pyrex Glass Tube No. 1 with plenty of capacity, one of the larger tanks in the industry. 

For most vapers, 6.5ml is more than enough e-liquid for a day of vaping. Some might even get two full days of vaping out of it, or even longer. That saves you from the need to engage in frequent refills. 


A Childproof Cap
Improved safety and child-proofing are also important features of the TFV9 tank. Since the tank lid must be lifted and twisted to be removed, it is highly childproof, making it safer for use around children and pets. Of course, you should always keep vaping devices and e-liquids out of the reach of children, but having a redundant protection measure doesn’t hurt. 

Not only is the design child and pet resistant, but it also helps to prevent spills, creating a much more user-friendly tank that’s less likely to void its contents
anywhere you don’t want them.

Gold Plated 510 Thread Connector
The SMOK TFV9 tank uses a gold-plated pin as an electrical connection between the tank and the mod. There are a few advantages to this 510 connection design. 

One is that the pin offers enhanced rub resistance. That is, it is physically stronger. It also secures a better fit between the mod and the tank. Gold is also a superior electrical conductor to most other metals commonly used. 

Gold is also a better conductor because it is chemically noble. Unlike silver and copper, which are other commonly used electrical conductors, gold will not react with air, water, or spilled vape juice. Keep it clean and it will afford a solid electrical connection effectively forever. 


A V9 Meshed Sub-Ohm Coil (.15 Ohms) for Intense Vapor and Flavor
The TFV9 features .15 ohm V9 meshed coils, which more and more vapers are getting behind for the numerous advantages they offer traditional standard spiraled coils. 

Tanks featuring meshed coils can offer the distinct advantage of a shorter time to fire up. This is because mesh coils can be made thinner while maintaining a higher surface area. This means they can be made hotter, faster. As a result, they also offer more even heating distribution across the surface of the coil. 

Because of this, mesh coils often deliver more intense vapor and flavors, all from a lower power input. Since they offer more even heat distribution, they’re also less likely to burn out due to “hot spots.” 

The TFV9 has another trick up its sleeve. These mesh coils also deliver much less than an ohm of resistance, at .15 total ohms. Sub-ohm tanks, like mesh coils, are also known for their ability to boost vapor production. 

Because sub-ohm tanks offer lower overall resistance, they can accommodate much greater currents. This enables the coils to produce bigger clouds and a more intense flavor - it’s the perfect one-two combo in a tank like the TFV9, which uses a coil that is both meshed and has less than one ohm of resistance.


Adjustable Direct Airflow
One of the really cool features of the SMOK TFV9 is that it also features adjustable airflow, and it’s easy to adjust. 

There is a ring at the base of the tank that can be easily adjusted to allow for greater or lesser airflow. This, coupled with the tank’s large capacity and sub-ohm meshed coils is a huge bonus for cloud chasers. It’s easy as pie to draw big, luxurious, billowing clouds that are bursting with a potent punch of flavor. 


hich SMOK Devices Use the TFV9?
Several SMOK devices use the TFV9 tank. For example, here at Ill! HQ we sell the SMOK Rigel, Scar-18, and Fortis devices that all come with a TFV9 tank. 

In addition, the SMOK TFV9 is available in 9 different colors, including a “7 Color” rainbow variety. If youmik don’t like the TFV9 that came with your SMOK mod or you simply want to keep a spare or upgrade to make a customization, SMOK produces plenty of options. 


SMOK TFV9 Tanks and Other Vaping Essentials 
Whether you’re here looking for a new SMOK TFV9 tank or some other accessory to customize your mod, we have what you need. Our collection includes kits as well as tanks and parts like coils and cotton that you can use to upgrade the functionality of your tanks. 

If you have any questions about the functionality of the SMOK TFV9 tank or about sub-ohm tanks or mesh coils in general, we are here to help. Get in touch with our customer service team at 905-735-9393 and let us know how we can help you elevate your vaping experience!

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