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What's Canada's Best Nicotine Salt E-Liquid?

By Jason Artman October 26, 2020 0 comments

Canada's best eliquid

Here at ILL! HQ, we’ve discussed the difference between nicotine salt and freebase nicotine e-liquid – and if you’ve read that article, you know that nicotine salt is what just about everyone wants these days. Pod vaping systems are here to stay. They’re a major hit among beginning and experienced vapers alike, and nothing works better with a pod system than nicotine salt e-liquid.

As incredibly popular as nicotine salt e-liquid has been in Canada, though, the one thing that we haven’t had up to now has been a line of nicotine salt vape juice to call our own. You’ll find one of the best selections of nicotine salt e-liquid anywhere in Canada right here at ILL! HQ – and as of now, we’re one-upping everyone else with the introduction of the best e-liquid in Canada: Carbonade.

Shop our selection of Carbonade e-liquid now. The three flavours cost just $19.99 each and are available in nicotine strengths of 12, 24, 36 and 48 mg.

What Is Carbonade E-Liquid?

Carbonade is the best e-liquid in Canada, and we are proud to carry it right here at ILL! HQ. These are some of the tastiest nicotine salt vape juices that you’ll ever find, and they’re completely unique because each one is designed to taste like a different type of soda. If you’re a fan of beverage e-liquids, you’re going to flip for these flavours.

Real Soda Flavour Because It’s Served on Ice

If you’ve ever tried a soda-flavoured e-liquid before and found the experience disappointing, you probably came to the conclusion that soda e-liquids are a little underwhelming because they fail to recreate the experience of drinking an actual soda – even when they completely nail their intended flavours. That’s because vapour is warm, and most people drink their sodas cold. No matter how accurate the flavour of a soda e-liquid may be, it just isn’t going to taste right to you if it’s warm.

The mixologists at Carbonade have solved that problem by adding just a dash of menthol to their e-liquid. The menthol adds a hint of coolness without changing the flavour of the e-liquid to give you the realistic sensation of drinking a soda on ice. You are absolutely going to love the authentic soda flavour of these e-liquids.

Carbonade E-Liquid Flavours

Carbonade e-liquid is available in three incredible soda flavours that are going to drive your palate completely crazy.

Pineapple Lime Iced: This flavour is a tropical blast like nothing you’ve ever experienced in an e-liquid before – or, for that matter, in an actual soda. Set against Carbonade’s delicious icy soda base are the flavours of sweet pineapple and tangy lime. We think that the ideal all-day vape should always deliver a flawless balance of sweet and sour notes, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here.

Grapefruit Peach Iced: If you’re a nut for grapefruit soda, you’re going to love the unique twist that this e-liquid brings to that popular paradigm. Adding one of the sweetest flavours of the orchard – peach – to a slightly tart grapefruit base results in yet another e-liquid so perfectly balanced that it can easily become a mainstay in anyone’s vape juice rotation. This is definitely one of the best grapefruit e-liquids that you’re likely to find anywhere.

Grapeberry Iced: Grape soda has a pretty unique flavour. It’s something that’s instantly recognizable as grape even though it doesn’t taste like the fresh fruit in any shape or form. How do the soda makers manage to do that? Either way, Grapeberry Iced managed to capture the flavour of authentic grape soda to a T, and this vape juice’s added berry notes create some added depth that really elevate the experience to something special.

Why Is Carbonade the Best Nicotine Salt E-Liquid?

Carbonade is about to become Canada’s new favourite nicotine salt e-liquid, and as you’re going to discover when you try the brand for the first time, a lot of that has to do with the company’s extremely creative flavours. Plenty of e-liquid companies have done soda flavours, but the results have often been disappointing, either because the flavours haven’t been blended with quite enough care or because those companies hadn’t realized that the judicious use of menthol is the missing piece that can unlock the most amazing soda flavour profiles.

The other reason why Carbonade is so great, though, has nothing to do with the company’s flavour selection. This is one of the few nicotine salt e-liquids in the world that’s available in four different strengths. Most of the time, nicotine salt e-liquids come in just two nicotine strengths: a lower strength of around 20-25 mg and a higher-potency version at around 40-50 mg.

Those two nicotine strength ranges are great for many vapers. You can simply choose the higher strength if you’re a smoker making the switch to vaping for the first time, and if you’re already a full-time vaper, you can use the lower strength.

What happens, though, if you want to upgrade to a device capable of producing bigger clouds? What if you want to use vaping as a way to way to eventually wean yourself off of nicotine completely? With most nicotine salt e-liquids, you’re out of luck once you reach that 20-25 mg strength. If you want to move to a lower strength, you need to switch flavours or brands.

With Carbonade e-liquid, you’ve got four different nicotine strengths that make it easy for you to step down slowly. More importantly, you’ve also got an ultra-low nicotine strength of 12 mg that’s a perfect last step along the road to becoming nicotine free if that’s your ultimate goal.

Try Carbonade Now and Experience the Hype for Yourself

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this introduction to Carbonade, Canada’s new favourite nicotine salt e-liquid. What are you still waiting for? Try a bottle of Carbonade vape juice for yourself and find out why this brand has everyone talking. You’re not going to find a better series of soda-flavoured e-liquids anywhere.

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